C.H. Ellis custom aluminum cases exude quality. The perfect choice when weight, strength and style are the most important factors.

Custom Aluminum Case

The backbone of what C.H. Ellis does. If you can dream it, we can build it. Durable, Stylish, and Cost Effective.

Custom Plastic Case

Simple or complex – it doesn't matter. C.H. Ellis can provide the right custom soft good to protect, organize, display or ship your products.

Custom Sewn Case, Soft Good

Presentation or Protection? This simple question starts the process for excellent foam design.

Custom Foam Insert

An ATA-300, Category 1 case is built to withstand at least 100 trips of normal airline cargo handling.

Custom ATA Case

Time is money. Custom Pallets/ Tool Control from C.H. Ellis ensures that you are organized to do the job quickly by having the right tools for the job.

Custom Pallet & Tool Control

We combine more than a century of knowledge and experience with the latest design software and manufacturing equipment.

C.H. Ellis is focused on custom solutions to your case or packaging requirements. When a stock solution just isn’t the answer, our engineers work with you during the design cycle to take your initial concept and idea, through the many variations that may arise, to the completion of a finished case, bag, pouch, insert or tool pallet.

In concert with you, we will select the right manufacturing process that reflects your ideas and concepts and ensures manufacturability at a reasonable cost. This includes the materials necessary, the branding desired and the final aesthetic quality demanded.

December 14th, 2015

C.H. Ellis Acquired by MPI Corp

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