Tissue Mobilization Accessories Case

The Problem: Caregivers need a customized carrying case for unique medications and instruments.


Chiropractors, trainers, massage, physical and occupational therapists use various instruments and medications to treat patients. Our customer wanted a protective hard case to house a variety of instrument options (sets), depending on customer requirements. 

The Solution:

C.H. Ellis engineers offered the customer several hard case options to consider. We believed, and the customer acknowledged, that the best solution was a mid-split polypropylene case with custom polyethylene foam inserts. 

We undercut the foam to conform to the outlines of the instruments. By “undercut” we made the outline shapes smaller than the items to hold them securely in place while permitting easy access and removal. We used the same case but provided the customer with foam options to vary the instrument set. 

This provided a low-cost, one-solution-for-all. 

Style: Injected molded case
Material: Polyethylene and foam

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Our custom solution offered maximum convenience and flexibility.
Our custom solution offered maximum convenience and flexibility.

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