Case Studies

A deep dive into what we can do for your bottom line.


Custom-engineered solutions for your industry.

Aircraft Wire Protection

Learn how C.H. Ellis’ custom-engineered insulated wire housing helps keep aerospace clients on schedule and on budget.

Tool Case with Minimum Footprint, Maximum Capacity

Read how we engineered a case with a large layout space in a small footprint for explosives ordinance disposal tools.

Tool Control Pouches

Our aerospace client needed a custom case that helped reduce costs and FOD damage. So that’s exactly what we delivered.

Field Service

Helping your technicians get the job done well.

Carry Case and Bag for Antenna Alignment Equipment

C.H. Ellis developed a custom case solution that helped elevate protection and portability of sensitive equipment.

Cable/Satellite Tech TV Pouch

Read how we partnered with our client to engineer a portable, functional case solution for service technicians.

Inspection Tool Pouch for FOD

A custom-engineered solution that allows for quick inventory of tools and ease of use for inspectors with multiple carry options.


Get your medical product to market that much faster.

First Responders Oxygen Supply System

Harsh, extreme environments often call for custom-engineered solutions. Like this one.

Portable Medical Diagnostic Equipment

An easy-to-carry case that handles all of the necessary components to conduct tests that diagnose heart conditions? No problem.

Tissue Mobilization Accessories Case

Chiropractors, PTs and other caregivers needed a customized carry case with the ability to house unique medications and instruments.


From hand tools to power tools, our custom solutions are the perfect fit.

Lightweight Equipment Carry-All Bag

One of the country’s leading ribbon microphone manufacturers needed a customizable case to house their products.

Rugged, Carry-All Sample Case

Selling 101 tells us to “always be closing,” which is made much easier with sample cases that travel well and really showcase the product.

The Quiet Camera

Quiet in the court. And the symphony hall. And the golf course. Thanks to a custom camera case that helps muffle the sound of shutter clicks.