Tool Case with Minimum Footprint, Maximum Capacity

Custom-engineered solutions for your industry.

The Problem:

Customer needs a large layout space in a small footprint for explosives ordinance disposal tools.


Our customer needed a rugged case to hold all of the necessary tools for a broad range of EOD applications standardized by its customer. They needed a case that would provide approximately 1,000 square inches of layout space, which would allow for the tools to be clearly visible and that would retain the tools securely.

The Solution:

To maximize the interior space, we took two halves of one of our stock cases and extruded a wide frame. This allowed us to create a case that had two lids and two bases. The case opened into an inverted “T”. We then added clear plastic covers on all four sections. The result – four compartments providing over 1,000 square inches of layout space.

Each compartment, when filled with shadowbox foam and tools, allowed the technician to see and access any tool. And, when the job was completed, the technician could easily see if any tools were missing to eliminate any FOD concerns.


Style: Thermal formed plastic case

Material: Polyethylene plastic and extra-wide aluminum frame

We turned two hard-sided cases into one highly functional, highly visible tool-management solution.