Custom Foam

At Ellis, we realize the security and display of your products demands more than a good package.

You can have the strongest exterior of wood, metal or plastic, but the interior fabrication is critical. Foam ensures a great first impression. 

Foam is used to provide protection for your merchandise or products. Ellis offers a wide range of options for foam-lined cases, foam-filled cases, and custom foam interiors/inserts that cushion and protect your contents. We use polyethylene and other dense foam for presentation where presentation (or inventory control) rather than protection is the main concern. We also offer flocked, colored foam to highlight and display contents. Where protection is the main concern, we use foams such as polyester and ether foam.

C.H. Ellis knows the strengths and limitations of foam densities and load-bearing characteristics. During the design cycle we guide you through the design process from Gathering the Data to and through Production. During the design stage, we ask to see the contents around which we will be foaming. Or, you can send us a drawing. Contact us to discuss your needs, budget and time constraints.

Custom foam interiors focus on your contents and how they can be protected and/or displayed. CH Ellis provides design, die-cutting, water-jet cutting, and fabrication to ensure that your goals are met. Our goal is to ensure the safety, security, organization and presentation of your product. During the initial discussions, CH Ellis engineering and sales support will discuss the requirements for tooling or dies, if necessary.

If you need a Quick Solution to interior foam requirements, look to our selection of stock blow molded and vacuum formed stock cases with plank foam or do-it-yourself pick-and-pluck cubed foam. These case/foam combinations allow you to do your own interiors when time or budges are limited. It is also a good solution for prototyping. Ask about our various sizes in stock.

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