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At Ellis, we realize the security and display of your products demands more than a good package.

In the 1960s, the service industry was booming with instrument technicians keeping up with maintenance on office equipment and warehouse manufacturing machinery. It was a time for innovation, technical excellence, and the designing and protection of the best equipment in the world.

As the premier case manufacturer in the world, we were contacted by IBM to provide a customized solution allowing technicians to properly secure, protect, and transport their tools right at the height of the technological revolution. We engineered cases and tool pallets alike to fit their specific service needs, allowing their technicians to transport expensive tools more efficiently.

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Our supply chain is second to none.  We’re able to provide you with the highest quality materials in this market segment–-all of them job-tested and technician-approved.

Most competitor tool pallets are made out of synthetic woven materials that break down over time. Ellis tool pallets are made out of vinyl and built to last a lifetime. As competitors attempt to provide a competitive solution with cheaper materials and a “one size fits all” design, we’ve stayed the course with our time tested, hand-sewn organizers. In fact, many case manufacturers now design their cases and kits around our unique solutions, buying our stocked tool pallets to fit inside of their cases instead of manufacturing full solutions themselves.

Regardless of your need for organization or the size of your budget, we can hand-craft an affordable solution for you. Our standard-sized tool pallets are extremely versatile and can be switched in and out of our stock cases (and many other cases on the market.) Swap your pallet with the tools needed for each job to keep your case lightweight and easier to transport.

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A custom tool pallet layout begins with you sending us the tools you want to store and protect in your pallet. We lay out all of the tools for design and your review. Once you agree on the design, we create a sample-prototype for final approval. The end result is a unique design so your technicians can have the tools they need, where they need them.

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