Tool Pallets

You know the importance of having the right tools to do the job. We know how to keep them organized.

Ellis is a world leader in the manufacture of tool pallets, giving you easy access to the tools you need while keeping them secure on-site and during transit.


If a stock tool control bag won’t work for you, let us design and make one to your specifications including size, color, material and foam.

A custom tool pallet layout begins with you sending us the tools you want included. We will layout the tools for your comment and critique. Once you have agreed to the layout, we will create a sample-prototype for final approval. The end result is a unique design for your technicians to have the tools they need, where they need them.


Our stock tool control bags are designed with ballistic nylon and high reflective tape for high visibility and long life. Our tool control pouches feature ballistic nylon on the sides and bottom with clear vinyl on top. The pouches hold the foam while making inventory quick and easy.

Need help deciding?

Contact us today and our in-house design and manufacturing experts will review your needs to ensure the best fit for your project.

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