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Sewn Bags, Pouches & Tool Storage

At C.H. Ellis we recognize that there is more to storing, carrying or displaying equipment than just plastic and foam. That is why we are a leader in the manufacture of sewn bags, pouches, EVA cases and tool pallets. When weight or other considerations are necessary, a sewn solution might just be what you need.

Contract Sewing

Our commitment isn't to “just” sew. It is to design the right solution to your need, whether it is to dampen the sound of a camera, reduce the recoil of a firearm, or to carry and demonstrate medical biopsy needles. If you work in demanding environments, we can provide backpack or shoulder solutions to ensure you and your equipment get to the destination safely.

We can provide special colors or logos that are embroidered or silk screened. Our materials include ballistic nylon, Cordura Plus (DuPont), canvas, vinyl, and neoprene, to name a few. We can make unique styles and shapes to carry your sensitive meters, fragile glass, control equipment, computers/notebooks/tablets…even hunting equipment.

Here at C.H. Ellis, we work with you through the design cycle to ensure you the best product to meet your need.CH Ellis specializes in production of custom gear and equipment for the military, law enforcement, sporting goods companies, and medical companies. We provide private labels for a wide variety of commercial customers including IBM, Xerox, Cooper Hand Tools and Baxter Healthcare.

We have a sewing department in Indianapolis that provides sewing in lots of 25, 50 and 100. We specialize in the small quantities turned down by others. If Berry Amendment-compliant manufacturing is required, we can provide it.

If necessary, we do have a factory in the Dominican Republic and a 10-year partnership with China for large quantities.

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