Field Service

Cable/Satellite Tech TV Pouch

The Problem:

Tools used during aircraft construction and inspection can damage the interior of the plane and require quick inventory to reduce costs and FOD damage. 


Cable and satellite technicians frequently are called to determine if the picture quality a consumer is experiencing is a problem with their TV or with the satellite or cable company. To do this they need to have their own screen to view and compare with that of the consumer. Further, this requires that they have all their cables and tools at hand.

The Solution:

C.H. Ellis engineers designed a bag that had a zip-down front and back easel allowing the technician to use the flat screen without removing it from the bag. Other enhancements included cutouts for easy cable connections and port access, a large pouch to house the cables, remote and inspection tools. 

Once the diagnosis is completed, the technician just zips up the front, stores the cables and tools and folds up the easel. An all-in-one solution to make for an efficient technical visit. 

From this platform of stock tool control pouches, we could design outer and inner bags to meet the specific tool load or size requirement for any job. And, we could offer a one-stop solution: the outer bags, inner bags and foam. 


Style: Sewn

Material: Nylon

Our portable nylon TV case gives service techs easy access to the tools and technology they need.